Project Notes

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  • Create a design that reflects the mood of the film
  • Create a design that is easy to update
  • The site must promote the feature film to distributors, festivals and awards competitions
  • The site must help gain distribution deals
  • The site must keep viewers informed of new screenings and awards


WordPress one pager: created an easy to update one-page website

All information is found on one page, with photos, videos and access to the social networks

The WordPress database driven site is easy to update with a user-friendly admin panel allowing the client to add and edit content.

The site is responsive and uses media queries to add motion and feel to the experience. Visit the site


  • The launch of the site helped the team's effort to find distribution deals
  • Users are updated of any award, festival and cinema screenings and can book online
  • The UK film release was on 1st November and the film is enjoying a well deserved success
  • Fireworks
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Desktop view


iPad view


The page design